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Ultraviolet, Xenon Lights, HID Lights, Fluorescent Lights & lighting solutions

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are often used in hospitals to sterilize surfaces, but they're also safe to use at home. UV light is an all-natural, chemical-free way to kill bacteria and germs that can cause illnesses and allergies.

With the touch of a button, these lights will sanitize your home by destroying 99% of bacteria on any surface in just 10 minutes! We have a lighting solution that best fits your needs!

Amazing LED tubes, strip, solar, panel, & flood lights. Osram & Deluxlite, bulbs, globes or lamps

Do you know that LEDs use up to 80% less energy? LED lights utilize less energy than Compact Fluorescent Lights, halogen globes, and other traditional lighting types, making them the ideal replacement for your older lighting technology.

At LightOnline, find all LED lights that you need. Led lights are durable - they can handle heavy or prolonged usage without any flickering.

Surgical Lights, Pendant Lights, headlights & specialised lighting solutions

LightOnline light your way with one of our surgical lights, lamps, globes, halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lighting solutions. We work with manufacturers and vendors to offer you a wide selection of lighting options.

With a range of functions and designs, our one-stop lighting store offers you a variety of high-quality, specialised surgical headlights and light fixtures.



Built on an unbeatable legacy of light

Welcome to LightOnline - your one-stop shop for all things in lighting, online.

We are the largest online lighting store for all types of interior and exterior lighting solutions, for domestic and commercial purposes. Be it a bulb, pendant, tube, globe or lamp, we offer the widest range of products from leading global and national brands, such as Philips, GE, Energetic, Deluxite, Osram and more.

But what sets us apart is the legacy that we carry. We are an online subsidiary of Melbourne’s reputed lighting wholesaler, GMT Lighting, has been spreading light since 1962. Five decades is a long time to be in a business like this, which has evolved so many times over.

When we look back, we realize there are a few things that continue to keep GMT Lighting growing stronger every year. And just like our parent brand, we seek to bring you the best quality products at the most competitive prices, coupled with exceptional service. So now you can enjoy the trust and reliability of GMT Lighting, without having to step into our stores. Alternatively, you could also place your order online, and pick it up from our lighting store in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right environment and mood for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces. In fact, it is one of the key elements that must be considered when you are designing a space

for a specific purpose, so as to bring out the right essence of that space. Our deep experience in dealing with different types of lights over the years has armed us with the expertise needed to provide custom solutions for different industries. And apart from offering the best-in-class products, we are equipped to provide sound technical advice and support to all our clients.

We cater to regular and niche requirements across a diverse set of industries, which includes residential, commercial, industrial, medical, theatrical and other industries. As an online lighting store with an office in Melbourne, LightOnline is committed to provide convenience, without compromising on comfort and peace of mind that a physical store brings. We combine the price advantage of a trusted lighting wholesaler with the convenience of delivery across the country. Browse through our huge range of lighting products online, and choose the best deal for you.

There are a lot of different types of light bulbs on the market these days. With our products range you may save money with our range of high-quality LED lights. Or, get brighter, whiter light with no flicker or humming.

For more efficient lighting, go to Led Tube Lights. Halogen Globes are more efficient than traditional light bulbs. Find a LED

Tube Lights, those are more efficient than Fluorescent Tube Lights, or search for what you are looking for. You may also search for a product at the top or choose a subcategory section from the top navigation menu on this page.

And then, there will be light!