LED High Bay & Corn Lights

Are you looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions for your factory, workshop, or warehouse? You've come to the right place!

Lights are a big part of what keeps your business going! They're also a big part of how much money you're spending on electricity each year. And if you're trying to cut costs, then this is something you should definitely be looking into.

So what kind of lights should you be looking into? LED high bays and LED corn lights!


Our LED High Bay and Corn Lights are The Perfect Solution!

Our LED Highbay lights and LED Corn lights are IP65, IP64 rated light that comes with a daylight detection sensor. They're suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses, toll stations, gas stations, stadiums, big supermarkets, exhibition halls, commercial buildings, stadium halls, and parking buildings.

They're dimmable and non-dimmable too! And they come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that's right for you. We have various brands and models to choose from—from Highbay Light-fs by Led Ufo to Deluxlite's LED Corn and LED Highbay lights—so no matter what kind of space you're trying to illuminate, there's something here for you.

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  1. LED UFO Highbay Light-AS 60W IP65 12600Lm 5000K ($114.95 EACH) - BOX OF 4 PCS
    SKU: ECOH60WAS_box
    Special Price $492.54 Regular Price $541.81
  2. LED UFO Highbay Light-FS 150W IP65 23,250 Lm 5000K ($132 EACH) - BOX OF 4 PCS
    SKU: ULH150WFS_box
    Special Price $565.59 Regular Price $706.99
  3. LED UFO Highbay Light-E 100W IP65 15000Lm 5500K ($115.50 EACH) - BOX OF 4 PCS
    SKU: H100WEFS_box
    Special Price $494.89 Regular Price $589.16
  4. Deluxlite Silver LED Highbay 260W 240V 5000K
    SKU: HB011PC
    Special Price $648.08 Regular Price $1,113.67
  5. Deluxlite Silver LED Highbay 160W 240V 5000K
    SKU: HB010PC160
    Special Price $589.16 Regular Price $855.89
  6. Deluxlite High Power LED Highbay PC 80W 6500K
    SKU: HB009PC
    Special Price $530.24 Regular Price $673.78
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