LED Flood Lights

When it comes to outdoor lighting, the first thing people think of is floodlights.

But there's another option—LED lamps. And they're a great replacement for your old halogen R7s lamps!


LED Flood Lights and The All-new LED Slim Panel Light

You’re in the market for a new LED flood light. Maybe you want something that will make your home look like a million bucks, or maybe you want to save a little money on your electric bill. Either way, we’ve got you covered—and more!

With LED lamps, you'll get outstanding light output and their beam angle is 100°, 110°, 180°, or 360°, dimmable and non-dimmable. Your energy bill will decrease by 50% and the life expectancy of these lamps is up to 20 years. They're also environmentally friendly: no mercury or lead in them!

We carry LED flood lights, LED motion sensor flood lights, security lights, and lamps, mounted security lights, and more. We’ve got the best prices in town on our selection of products from brands like Green Earth,, Philips, CLA and Energetic. We know you’re going to love it here!

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  1. Green Earth 9W LED R7s 4000K Dimmable 118MM ($24.20 EACH)- BOX OF 20PCS
    SKU: R7S10_box
    Special Price $518.46 Regular Price $589.16
  2. Verbatim Sensor LED Floodlight 50W 5000K
    SKU: 65641
    Special Price $69.52 Regular Price $91.04
  3. Verbatim Sensor LED Floodlight 30W 5000K
    SKU: 65640
    Special Price $53.02 Regular Price $64.22
  4. Philips SmartBright LED Motion Sensor Floodlight 2x15W ($66 EACH)- BOX OF 8PCS
    SKU: BWS220_box
    Special Price $565.59 Regular Price $603.30
  5. CLA Surface Mounted LED PAR30 Security Lights 5000K 2x10W
    SKU: SEC02S
    Special Price $55.38 Regular Price $64.26
  6. Philips SmartBright LED Motion Sensor Floodlight 2x15W
    SKU: BWS220
    Special Price $75.41 Regular Price $91.04
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LED floodlights are the latest and most efficient way to light up outdoor spaces. LED floodlights are a type of LED fixture that is used to light large outdoor areas.

Because of their design, they are able to cast light in a specific direction, which makes them perfect for illuminating large areas like parking lots, playing fields, and building exteriors. They are also much more affordable than traditional HID or fluorescent floodlights.

LED Floodlight is affordable and energy efficient. It usually replaces Halogen Floodlight. The colour chosen depend on the atmosphere it requires.