LED Downlights

The future is here. Take a look at our new LED Downlight products and learn more about these innovative, energy-efficient lights!

We designed these lights to be easy to control, save energy and illuminate your home with a warm, white light that's better for your health. These are an alternative to halogen lamps that are safe in the event of a power outage or fire, splashproof, and integrated with electronic control gear.

These lights can be used in residential spaces including dining rooms and bedrooms as well as office spaces such as offices, universities, schools and garages. They're also great for hospitality spaces like restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, and lobbies.


Do You Need the Perfect LED Downlight for Your Home or Business?

We have a wide variety of brands to choose from, including Philips master led MR16 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; Deluxlite Lus LED Downlight, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; Verbatim or Osram LED Performance par16; Verbatim LED tri-color; From Osram, GE, Verbatim, Philips, Deluxlite.

We also carry Deluxlite SMD LED Downlight and Deluxlite CCLOT LED Downlight.

If you're looking for a more energy-efficient option for your home or business and want to save money on electricity costs in the long run with our GE Lighting LED value mr16 dimmable or non-dimmable!



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  1. UL 9W LED Downlight Tri-Colour 220-240V Dimmable 90mm ($9.15 EACH) - BOX OF 40PCS
    Special Price $392.06 Regular Price $424.20
  2. Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W 60D 3000K GU5.3 Dimmable ($12.10 EACH) - BOX OF 10PCS
    SKU: 929003076008_box
    Special Price $124.63 Regular Price $137.11
  3. Deluxlite Lus LED Downlight 7W 60D 3000K GU10 Dimmable
    SKU: 20103
    Special Price $12.85 Regular Price $14.03
  4. Green Earth LED MR16 Performer 7W 36° 4000K GU5.3 Dimmable
    SKU: MR1613D
    Special Price $12.96 Regular Price $16.01
  5. Verbatim LED Recessed Tri-Colour Downlight 10W 3-CCT Dimmable 115MM
    SKU: 66324
    Special Price $24.74 Regular Price $34.28
  6. Philips LED MR16 7.5W 60D 3000K GU5.3 Dimmable ($11.44 EACH) - BOX OF 10 PCS
    SKU: 92900124519_box
    Special Price $117.83 Regular Price $164.96
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LED Downlight is affordable and energy efficient. It usually replaces Halogen Downlight. LED Downlights are available in MR16 Dimmable and non-Dimmable, Warm White or Cool White. The colour chosen depend on the atmosphere it requires.