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Kitchen Pendant Lights, Ceiling Lighting, Beacon Lighting, bulbs, light globes, does it sound familiar? Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room. It sets the mood, provides security, and enhances the appearance of any space.

There are many types of lighting with light globes, bulbs, and types to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to figure out which type is best for your home. Add a touch of elegance to your dining room or add some style and personality to your bedroom, pendant lights are a great option that will fit any budget

First, let’s split the different types of lighting available for your home:


Living Room Pendant Lights in Classic Dimmable Heritage Design

Task Lighting: This type of lighting is used to provide illumination for a specific task. It is typically used in areas for example with lighting fixtures, kitchen islands, and bedside table,  where you need a lot of light, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting provides a general glow to a room and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

See our high-quality, low price range, unique in shape and style, pendant lights, dimmable, and non-dimmable designs.

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  1. Verbatim LED G125 Grand Classic 7W Dome Dimmable Globe 2700K B22
    SKU: 66380
    Special Price $28.28 Regular Price $31.05
  2. CLA Nordic Angled Dome Pendant Light
    Special Price $210.73 Regular Price $237.47
  3. Modern Circular Glass Bell Pendant Light Amber Gold Iron
    SKU: WBL062
    Special Price $458.57 Regular Price $673.69
  4. Modern Triangular Contemporary Pendant Lights Red Yellow Blue Iron
    SKU: WTY058
    Special Price $99.41 Regular Price $126.47
  5. Modern Cubed Contemporary Pendant Lights Red Yellow Blue Iron
    SKU: WTY056
    Special Price $99.41 Regular Price $126.47
  6. SWEET 31 Pendant Pastel Blue
    SKU: WTY102
    Special Price $159.04 Regular Price $220.83
  7. DOME330G Pendant Light Timber Black
    SKU: SKDP052
    Special Price $92.77 Regular Price $144.21
  8. DOME150 Pendant Light Black and White Aluminium
    SKU: SKDP051S
    Special Price $86.15 Regular Price $105.75
  9. DOME190 Pendant Light Black and Gold Aluminium
    SKU: SKDP050
    Special Price $82.17 Regular Price $98.54
  10. DOME330 Pendant Light Timber Black
    SKU: SKDP007
    Special Price $99.41 Regular Price $116.57
  11. Deluxlite Outdoor Solar LED Wall Light 5W 6000K-6500K
    Special Price $119.28 Regular Price $244.97
  12. DOME165 Pendant Light White and Gold Aluminium
    SKU: SKDP040
    Special Price $94.09 Regular Price $218.72
  13. DOME410 Pendant Light Gold Iron
    SKU: SKDP014
    Special Price $144.46 Regular Price $169.06
  14. DOME250 Pendant Light Black Aluminium
    SKU: SKDP012
    Special Price $117.96 Regular Price $137.01
  15. DOME160 Pendant Light Black Aluminium
    SKU: SKDP024
    Special Price $118.38 Regular Price $183.25
  16. OSRAM LED Filament Candle 4W 2700K Clear Non-Dimmable E14 - BOX OF 10
    SKU: 4058075306332_box
    Special Price $64.81 Regular Price $74.88
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