LED Light Bulbs are now smart and sophisticated, connectivity provides benefits with safer, more enjoyable and efficient interior environments.

Internet of things
LED Lighting is a going to be the foundation, of implementing the benefits of the concept of appliances communicating through the “internet of things”. This will give you the user
many combined benefits.

Built in Light Sources
As we know LED Lights last a very long time. This new concept of agreed designs means eventual replacement and upgrades are being designed to be easy, efficient and economical.

Kitchen LED Downlights

Healthier Lighting
The Technological progress made with LED Light bulbs, and LED Lamps now allow new applications. This allows lighting to promote healthier natural living, assisting with teaching and schools. Each year of research and implementation will provide more benefits and insights. LED Lighting is now about much more than reducing power bills. Case studies indicate full spectrum lighting can be used to improve health and learning ability.

New Power Technologies
Power and Data combined is an emerging combined technology to watch closely.

Retrofit – The Market
Innovation is the key to the future of LED lighting it is our opinion that only the best manufacturers will remain in this market. All the light globes and LED globes on lightonline are carefully chosen.
We monitor this on your behalf and maintain relationships with manufacturers that supply quality products that will stand the test of time.

Wireless Control
The Future is everything controlled from your tablet or phone. Please consider purchasing an LED Globe with bluetooth control. You will not regret it.

LED Lighting for Hotels

Some of the many Benefits of LED Lights:

  • Long Life
  • ECO Friendly
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Durable for Rough Conditions
  • Low to Zero UV Emissions
  • Operate in Hot and Cold Temperatures
  • Superior Light Disbursement
  • Instant Light – on/off many times

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