Certain color temperatures are suitable for specific applications. It is important to choose carefully.
Your choice of LED bulb, should be determined primarily by the LED Bulbs colour temperature. For instance the average temperature of a retail store is 3500k-4100k. Yet a jewellery store might increase that to 5000k. Whatever your specific requirement may be Lightonline have solutions for your needs.

Color Temperature Diagram

LED Bulb Lighting Tips for Interiors

It is important to consider colour temperature when choosing or changing interior colours, with cool colours (Blues, Greys) it is best to choose cooler temperature LED bulbs. With warm colours (Orange, Yellow) it is best to use a warmer light LED Bulb. Remember Darker colours absorb more light so it is best to factor this into choosing all your LED light bulbs, LED downlights, LED lamps and LED tube light. Dimmable lights allow you to adjust your light to the perfect level.

In circumstances with a mixture of colours we suggest a focus on the LED Bulbs CRI, so that all colours across the spectrum are rendered accurately. Be assured that all of the brands that we supply have the right CRI for the right application.

One important consideration when lighting for colour temperature is many LED Bulbs can now change colour to match or enhance your interior environment from 2700k to 6000k.

Lightonline can sell you one LED Bulb that can provide, Warm Light, Natural Light, Daylight White light, all controlled through your mobile phone, or wifi device.

For more information on how to choose a suitable color temperature

How to choose a suitable color temperature for your lighting?

Warm Light 2700K to 3500K – Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and restaurants
Natural Light 3500K to 4500K  – All locations excellent to enhance basements
Daylight White Light 5000K-6000K – Offices or retail locations
Cool White Light 6000K-7000K – Commercial and industrial application

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