Mitsubishi Chemical’s experience and understanding of the four key technical elements of an LED lighting device ensures that the products are highly optimized and deliver the best in terms of efficiency and performance:

Electronics: selection of high quality electronics for optimum power consumption, dimmer compatibility, control of light output and control of flicker.

Optimized thermal management: maximizing efficiencies through careful choice of materials and unique product designs.

Unique optics: beam angle, minimizing glare, visual comfort and light distribution optimized for various applications.

Key materials: the Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a provider of premium quality materials including phosphors, engineering plastics, dyes for filters and c-GaN substrates.

A key development strategy at Mitsubishi Chemical is to focus on optimizing lumens per watt, thus maximizing the efficient use of materials in keeping with our principles.

Verbatim has succeeded bringing to market a true incandescent lamp replacement, developing a world leading thermal management solution by combining an optimal heat sink, uniform light distribution and downsized optical designs resulting in high powered, small and light LED products. We also seek to achieve this through the use of Mitsubishi’s advanced raw materials. Every application needs the right mix of vividness, high colour rendering and low glare to deliver light of true quality.

Our decade-long dedication to research and science has been rewarded by over 70 patents related to LED lighting devices, establishing leadership in colour science and thermal management. We are committed to continue on this path of launching technology innovations by continuously improving the quality, performance and design of our products. For this reason we are able to offer LED solutions which perfectly match customer requirements and are adapted to individual lighting tasks.


Verbatim LED lighting solutions can be used across a wide range of applications. They are ideal for home and commercial applications including shops, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Led Candle Bulbs


Lighting is critical in creating a memorable customer shopping experience and showcasing merchandise appealingly. Whether ambient or accent lighting, Verbatim LEDs offer high vividness and high colour rendering solutions which help to bring out the best from the colours on display. With long opening hours, retail lighting is in operation for most of the day so in addition to improving the ambiance of the store, significant cost savings can be achieved by retailers investing in LED lighting.


Providing the best customer experience is a goal in any hospitality environment and setting the appropriate mood for each space is a key requirement. Verbatim products achieve this with a range of high quality lamps and luminaires. Another objective for any business owner is to minimise costs, and by moving to Verbatim LEDs with their long lifetimes and superior efficiency, maintenance and energy bills will be dramatically reduced.


Workplaces should be comfortable homogeneous environment, delivering optically pleasing lighting solutions. Office workers spend many hours a day exposed to artificial light, making low glare and visual comfort an important influencing factor in their productivity.

LEDs offer longer lifetime as well as substantially lower energy consumption compared with conventional lighting making LED installation not only a visually attractive choice, but one with a high return on investment. In addition, our dimmable products give even more flexible lighting options for work spaces.


Lighting sets the mood in your home. Our professional dimmable LEDs give you the opportunity to control the light scenes to match the occasion. The simplicity of retrofit solutions makes installation easy. Whether you want to highlight architectural design or create lighting schemes sympathetic to your lifestyle, our LEDs offer maximum flexibility, long life and very low energy consumption.

Verbatim LED Candle Bulbs

The Verbatim 6W 2700K Candle LED bulb is a high-quality, energy efficient 40-watt replacement for incandescent candle lamps.

It is fully dimmable and now available in four different types of bases (B22, E27, B15 & E14). With a warm, 2700K colour temperature, and smooth, streamlined exterior, the Candle LED bulb is ideal for direct replacement for decorative applications at home, in hotels and restaurants.

Verbatim LED Candle Bulbs

This candle lamp matches the ambiance of incandescent light delivering a beautiful sparkling warm white light.

This lamp has an estimated lifetime of 15,000 hours, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs when compared to incandescent bulbs.

Product Features:
- Replacement for 40W incandescent Candle lamp
- Clear Dome
- Clear light guide for creating starry effect of incandescent lamp
- B22, E27, B15 & E14 lamp bases
- Lifetime of 15,000 hrs
- Lumens: 470 lm
- Fully Dimmable
- 85% Energy Saving

“Light-Smart: A brighter way to shine.”

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