Energy Saving LED Downlights.

The energy and money saving benefits of LED Downlights are well proven, our product offering is extensive and includes what we consider to be the best brands, such as OSRAM, PHILLIPS, DELUXLITE, RENESOLA, GE Lighting and many others, these brands like LightOnline have a proven technical track record. When you purchase from us you get quality and innovation backed by a service record of over 50 years, with an extensive range of stock for many applications, dimmable, non-dimmable, with all the different colour temperatures and fitting combinations.

Energy Saving LED Lights

GLS, LED Lighting

Hold the phone, literally, these lighting products are the future of domestic lighting and also have many other applications. A Simple Light Bulb with LED lighting can now do more than light your space beautifully, just save you money on power bills and last longer than all conventional technologies.

The money saved on power now allows you to purchase a GLS LED Light that can……

  • Be controlled by your phone or Wifi device
  • Have Colour changed
  • Play Music
  • Work as a security camera

We can offer simple replacements, but we can also offer much more.

Mobile Phone Controlled LED Light


Aesthetics is an important factor in the choice of Candle LED lighting the light must enhance its environment when it is on/off while it also provides economic and long lasting light. Our LED Candle Lights are manufactured to quality standards that are far above conventional bulbs. Manufacturers and Brands we strongly recommend in this category are PHILLIPS, Verbatim and Energetic.
We have a full range of Candle LED’s that are sympathetic to all styles of light fittings and interior design styles.

LED Tubes

Our LED Tube Range is sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers backed by our expert service, and offers you the purchaser all the standard benefits and more such as no UV light emission that can fade furnishings prematurely. We recommend replacing Fluorescent Tubes with LED Tubes sooner rather than later.
LED Tube Benefits:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Long Life
  • Eco Friendly
  • No Infra red
  • Zero Emissions
  • Works in Cold or Hot Temperatures
  • Greater Light Dispersement

LightOnline the LED Lighting Experts.

We have 13 Categories of LED Lights today we focused on four categories. LightOnline has an extensive range of LED Lighting products with the best possible service, excellent quality and most competitive prices.