LED lights have turned into an element in the cutting edge house because of their expanded life compass and less intense output, prompting lower electricity bills for households. They give further advantages over the conventional incandescent light bulb or compact fluorescent options in which this article will take a look.

Due to their increased popularity with home owners, numerous types of LED light bulbs have developed onto the current market. They varies in different aspects such as their size, shape and wattage output.

We have already talked about the currently available Incandescent replacement options. As buyers depend more on online based shopping seeking for things like light bulbs, LightOnline is one of the best sources that should be assessed to find the best deals as a reputable local lighting seller in Australia. This guide will take a look at sourcing LED light bulbs with links gave all through to the applicable LightOnline pages.

What Are LED Lights?

Light-emitting diodes, or LED's for short, are utilized as various forms of lighting. Although conventionally used on small electrical circuit boards as a small red light indicator, LED's have progressed into being commonly fitted as the light source in a whole host of different light bulbs. Energy efficient lighting bulbs onlineThis likens to light bulbs that are utilized as a part of houses, carports or sheds, and have turned into the most popular kind of light bulb with shoppers, replacing the more awkward screw-in incandescent or newer CFL versions.

Their light output is lower contrasted with different sorts, yet at the same time able to do completely lighting up a typical measured room adequately. Different brands may guarantee that their LED light bulb discharges such a variety of wattages, although general-purpose models will roughly have a similar outage.

Should I Buy LED Light Bulbs?

This section looks at how buying LED light bulbs can make a smart and efficient purchase in comparison with the other two types of light bulb.

Light Output

The table below takes a look at the proportionate light yield of LED light bulbs as opposed to their wattage and lumens value:








450 – 500

4 - 5


9 – 13

300 – 900

6 - 8


13 – 15

1110 – 1300

9 - 13


18 – 25

1600 – 1800

16 - 20


23 – 30

2600 – 2800

25 - 28


30 – 55

As you see from the values above, LED bulbs utilize less than other types of lamps. Although they will generally be dimmer, this also means that they will last for longer. Additionally, brighter LED bulbs are being released onto the market all the time.

Energy Cost

The differing bulbs will also have varying energy efficiency levels. This will affect the energy usage of them and thus the electricity bill you pay. As LED’s give off less light and use less wattage this means that they also remain in working order for a longer time.

A normal incandescent light bulb will emit 60 watts of power. Compare that to the LED bulb that uses around 6-8 watts of power and the lifespan difference becomes apparent. Whereas the incandescent bulb will last roughly around 1,200 hours, the LED model can provide light for up to a staggering 50,000 hours.

Despite the fact that LED's are more costly in the short run, their life span implies that after some time they will turn out to be more cost effective. In addition, lighting brands are consistently looking at ways to reduce the outlay of buying LED downlight bulbs.

Further Benefits

As well as the energy saving costs of using LED bulbs, there are further advantages to acquiring them for your home. For example, unlike compact fluorescent lights they contain no mercury, which can potentially become harmful over time. The environmental benefits also become apparent with this.

Moreover, LED bulbs have no sensitivity to extreme temperatures, and are along these lines more reliable. They also come on to their full brightness level instantly when switched on – CFL's take time to warm up. The heat discharged from LED's is likewise at a low level, unlike to incandescent bulbs that are more hazardous to touch.

Buying Considerations for LED Light Bulbs

The points below will help when coming to choose the right bulb to buy.

  • Colour Temperature: Homeowners aren't limited to single Colour when coming to purchase a LED bulb. The Colour of the majority of light bulbs will be white, and can add a smooth vibe to a room. Furthermore, Yellow lights can be helpful as well, as they don't pull in insects as much as their white counterparts. Here you may find the guide to choose right colour temperature.
  • Dimmable: Although not all LED bulbs will be dimmable as far as their brightness, those that are offer an awesome approach to control the ambience of a room. They can also help save energy when used at lower levels, thus extending the bulb’s lifespan.
  • Buy Spares: Although LED's keep going for quite a while, a few brands might slightly overstate their genuine lifespan. Bulbs can expire at the worst of times, and there is nothing worse than not having a replacement on hand.
  • Base and Size: A vital viewpoint to consider is the base kind of the bulb itself, and subsequently how it fits into an attachment. The size measurements are likewise crucial to comprehend and get just before resolving to buy. Directions can be found from online sources how to locate the right fit.

Utilizing LightOnline to Buy LED Light Bulbs

At the point when coming to utilize LightOnline to discover and make an offer on LED light bulbs, utilize our blog section in this area to help with the process.

Search & Filter

Making a search is generally quite simple when on the LightOnline home page. The most relevant light bulbs for general consumers will be listed within the Menu section, where from here, select the Lighting. From the left-hand side of the page, choose the Light Bulbs base and colour temperature and other similar options to filter further.

Read the Description

When an appropriate bulb has been found, read the details that are provided with it, so you know exactly what you are committing to buy. Contacting the support is perfectly fine if you are not sure about a bulb’s dimension or lighting potential.


Light emitting diodes have become an extremely popular bulb for lights in many homes over Australia due to their lesser wattage, extended duration and cheaper cost in the long run. Although they last longer than other types of bulbs, they will generally suffer no deterioration in performance.

Shop around to find the best prices for the desired type of light bulb. LightOnline has plenty of LED light bulbs listed from different brands at affordable prices. Also we provide a secure payment option for all our customers for their lighting needs.