Lighting Trends in Home Renovation

When the time for home renovation comes, many people focus on the painting, the floor boards, the tiles and furniture of their home, but neglect to consider how important lighting can be. In fact, for many, home lighting is an afterthought.

Choosing the right lighting could make huge difference in your home renovation. A home that is not well-lit, whether through a lack of natural or artificial light will appear cold and uninviting. Good lighting can help enhance your home’s features and create a warm and functional environment for you and your family.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights represent the line between function and aesthetic. While a wall light or a down light serves a primarily utilitarian task – lighting – a pendant light can serve this task while adding a flash of colour or break in the usual room layout.

They come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes and colours – giving any renovator, a slew of options to choose from when looking to add to a room.

Recommend for: Kitchens. Pendants look great above the kitchen island or above the dining table.  

Is your pendant light for your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom – your children’s bedroom? While style choices ultimately come down to the taste of the buyer, certain types of pendants look better in different spaces, and also serve different uses – some for accent lighting, or feature lighting, while others are made for all purpose illumination.

We’ve compiled a Pendants By Room category for you, to make your choice a little easier.


While pendant lights make a statement, downlights keep it simple. They sit flat against the ceiling, hidden and inconspicuous, and are the go-to for general lighting these days.

Whether you’re installing them new or replacing old, LED Downlights are affordable and energy efficient, and are typically used to replace Halogen Downlights.

LED Downlights are available in MR16 Dimmable and non-Dimmable, Warm White or Cool White. The colour chosen can drastically affect the atmosphere of the room.

If you’re not sure about what colour temperature is best for you, take a look at the LED Tri-colour Down Lights.

Tril-colour Downlights

Tri-Colour downlights present a new innovation in downlight technology. Unlike downlights of the past - such as GU10s or MR16s, these need no transformer or special fittings. This downlight uses a direct connection to an AC power supply thanks to integrated control gear and provides an energy-saving alternative to luminaires that use halogen lamps.

Not only that, but as the name suggests, this downlight comes with a tri-colour option, using a switch at the back to choose between three of the most common colour temperatures. No need to shop around for different bulbs based on your preference, as this light gives you the option of changing it from warm white, daylight and cool white. 

Recommend for: Bedrooms, Living Areas, Hallways.

LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are the oft-forgotten wild card for home lighting. Incredibly versatile, they can be installed on the underside of cupboards and benches to create a touch of ambience, and even along the tops of ceilings.

Of course, those are just suggestions. Strip lights can be used on desks, beds, pathways. Most are able to be cut to the length you need, and can run up to 5 metres. Here are some more suggestions for strip light placement: 

  • Use them around the bathroom mirror or vanity. 
  • Behind your bed headboard. 
  • In your closet. 

Strip lights are fairly affordable, so don't be afraid to try them in your home! 

Decorative Bulbs

Decorative bulbs are the go-to choice for anyone wanting more than a simple globe. These bulbs mimic old fashioned filament lights, and can even be purchase in LED! Use them in your lamps clear and pendant lights to bring a rustic feel to your home.