Lightonline has a range of LED T8 linear tubes that replace the existing 36 watt T8 fluorescent tubes (1200mm). We offer Brands such as Philips, Osram, and Energetic, which have fixed ends that will replace a lamp in a 90 degree angle lamp holder (tombstone). Lightonline also has an LED T8 linear 36 watt T8 replacement, that has end caps that are rotatable to fit into both 90 degree the 45 degree angled tombstone lamp holder. The rotating end cap will lock into position by releasing the push button and resetting when the end cap has been rotated. This enables the LED T8 to be positioned downwards rather than at an angle if using the fixed version. The product available is a Deluxlite 20 watt LED T8 tube and comes in either colour temperature 4000k (product code T8031201) and 5000k (product code LED20W5K) with an opaque diffuser.

Deluxlite LED T8

Lamp Applications: Supermarket, Warehouse, Cold storage, Supply rooms, Corridors, Industry, Stairways, Garages

LED T8 replacement with rotatable ends

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