LED Lights that LightOnline supply, are specified to last a very long time. LightOnline also provides useful and helpful information to help you make important choices and decisions.

Why Choose our LED Corn Lights?

Our selection of LED Corn Lights are carefully chosen and evaluated by lighting experts.

This is best explained by highlighting some of the extensive features and benefits of choosing the GKS31 series we recommend:

4KV High Surge Protection
Reliable Lifespan 50,000 hours
Fire resistant material
IP64 waterproof level
Available Frosted
Passive Cooling design without fan, longer lifespan
Available Mogul Base
Safety fitting supplied
Applications: Post Top, Shoe Box, Acorn, High Bay
Can be used enclosed or open.

80W Replaces 250W - Conventional Lights
125W Replaces 500W - Conventional Lights

Hi Bay Corn Lamps

GK our strongly recommended Corn Light Brand

GK specialise in only manufacturing LED Corn Lights to a high standard, for all applications.The build quality of the GK brand we recommend is excellent and we as experts consider it to be best in category.

Another proven brand we recommend is Deluxlite that are specifically designed for Hi-Beam applications. These provide excellent colour rendition for interior applications such as a Super market shop or show room. We can also supply a Deluxlite Hi- Beam Light suitable for any workshop, factory, warehouse, toll station, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, or gym.

All existing Hi-Beam lights have a far better LED replacement available, for any application. Such as, in new interior or exterior street lights, wall lights, flood lights, stage lights, highway and motorway street lights, stadium lights, car parks. Common replacements are: High pressure sodium, MH Lamps, U-shaped CFL (HID, HPS,MHL, HQL).

LED Spherical

How and why choose from the LightOnline range of LED Spherical lights & ST64 Lights?

Spherical LED Lights are specifically designed to mimic the look and style of traditional incandescent light bulbs. While still providing, many of the benefits of LED’s, such as extended life and low power consumption. Offering a service life of between 15,000-20,000 hours, they are available in bayonet and screw fittings. Aesthetics and style are very important to all interior environments. With spherical LED’s you can go back to the future.Many models are dimmable to create perfect light and the perfect look for any retail or domestic interior environment. Your interior will look fantastic, you save money, and also help protect the environment.

In conclusion LED Spherical lights offer the traditional look, the right colour temperature, are dimmable to suit any application while giving the added benefits of long life, and low operating costs.

Proven Brands we happily supply are: Cromptom, Deluxlite, LITECOm and UGE.

Choosing all LED light bulbs online is made simple and easy with LightOnline.

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