There are many categories of medical lamps that are specifically designed for the field of medicine.

- Examination lamps
Microscopy and micro projection
- Utensil sterilization
- Specialty lamps for operating theatre rooms
- Infrared heat lamps

They are designed to be product specific that are installed into operating equipment. These lamps will often be of a special shape, voltage, wattage, base types and focal point alignments. Other specialty lamps will operate on conventional control gear but have quite unique specifications and installation requirements.

Some of the major brands that Lightonline stock are:
- Philips Lighting
- Dr Fischer
- Perkin & Elmer
- Orbitec
- Osram
- GE

Specialised Medical Lamps

For the various categories of medical lamps, Lightonline have lamps that are crown silver lamps, punctuated filament type, Xenon light source, ALM bases, Welch Allyn lamps, split lamps and miniature lamps. The range is extensive and an example of the product categories for medical lamps that Lightonline stock is: 

- Laryngoscope / Otoscopy / Ophthalmoscope (Heine lamps)
- Phototherapy (treatment of jaundice in new born infants)
- Disinfection lamps ( TUV)
Health care (Par 38 infraphil Red )
There are many lamps available but Lightonline does not carry stock of everything so please check for availability.