Specialised Lamps

There are various types of lights, some more common than others, at LightOnline we stock a large range of specialty lamps including medical lamps, hard-to-find LED & halogen globes, along with a full range of theatre lights.


Medical Lamps

Lightonline offers a wide variety of Medical Lamps to help cater to this specialised industry, stocking brands like Dr. Fisher, Philips, Osram, Excelitas, and LUXTEL.


Architectural Lights

LED Architectural Lights give architects and designers the power to present their designs in the best light by creating totally clean and pristine installations in drywall, mirror, concrete, and tile.


Stage Lighting

Overhead Lights / Wash Lighting: These lights are most commonly located above the stage, and serve as general lighting. 

Background Lights: Lights placed on the back of the performers are used for effects and mood. 

Spot Lights: These lights are used to draw the crowd's focus to a performer or set-piece, and work together with the wash lighting.


If you can not find it here, see our main category for Specialised Lamps. 


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  1. Deluxlite Architectural 8W 3000K S14s 500MM Non-Dimmable
    SKU: T305008S14S
    Special Price $18.85 Regular Price $27.95
  2. Deluxlite Architectural 5W 3000K S14s 300MM Non-Dimmable
    SKU: T303005S14S
    Special Price $14.73 Regular Price $22.27
  3. NEC Blacklight Fluorescent Lamp T12 40W G13 1210mm ($44 EACH) - BOX OF 25 PCS
    SKU: 8080_box
    Special Price $1,178.32 Regular Price $1,531.82
  4. Philips UV-B Narrowband TL 100W Lamp R17d [RDC] 1755mm ($242 EACH) - BOX OF 10 PCS
    SKU: TL100W/01_box
    Special Price $2,592.30 Regular Price $3,299.30
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